A downloadable game for Windows

Run, Jump and Wall Jump to Collect all the coins and collect the gem. Solves Puzzles, and Complete Levels to become a legend. You're on your own and you have no one to help you. So what are you waiting for. Collect those coins!

Brind (Demo) is a 2D Puzzle Platformer. You need to collect all the coins to unlock the gem and the next level. Some levels are easy, some levels are hard. If you can pass the first world, you are a legend.


Programmed and Design: Jacob A. Games

Art: Astronaut Curve

Music: Pythlix

NOTE: This is only a demo. This game will not be finished nor will it ever be finished. It is only a small game I was making whilst learning to make games. 

Install instructions

Download it, then open it up. Then you're set to go. Note that we don't have a Mac OSX build. Only PC.


Brind for Windows 37 MB